Basic Features

Real Time Synchronization

  • Every product detail like images, contents, user, inventory , and order-related data can be sync with the website in real-time.

Product Type Support

  • The App supports Simple, variable, and Flexivariable product types only.


  • The app can be customized and launched with a source code package.

  • Customers can open the app, add products to the cart, checkout, and pay. All happens within the mobile app same as your j2store website.

Quick Smooth Checkout

  • Let the customer view the product, add it to the cart & checkout. Easily choose payment options and make the payment. And Done! It's fast and simple.

Shipping Methods

  • Same like j2store listed shipping methods are supported in mobile app too.No need to do any additional work in coding

Order History :

  • The App comes with complete order history. Customers can view the entire history and the order details.

Multiple Product Images

  • Show more than one image for your product just like the j2store website. It looks better in your storefront and it helps you showcase your products in a better way.


  • You can display additional product modules to recommend the customers with similar products and generate additional sales.

  • Cross-Selling is to recommend the customer to buy products related to the one they are purchased or about to buy


  • Allows you to send a notification to a specific category/Product. when your customer click on the notification, opens intended category/Product page.

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