Publish to Apple Store


  • Xcode

  • A Paid Apple Developers account

  • A valid provisioning profile

  • App Development and Distribution certificates

Generating a release build through Xcode :

  • Add support for the iOS Platform into your app, if you have not done so. Type the command given below into the terminal pointing to your app’s root folder.

$ ionic cordova platform add ios
  • After the addition of the platform creates a build pointing to the –prod flag. Use the command given below to make the prod build.

$ ionic cordova prepare ios


ionic cordova build ios --buildFlag="-UseModernBuildSystem=0"
  • Now, you can find the .xcworkspace file inside /platforms/ios/. Open the file in Xcode.

Add your developer account to Xcode :

  • Click the left side “+” button at the lower side and log in to your Apple developer account.

  • Pick the account and click on the detail, it should open a popup to ask you to request Certificates.

  • Pick the valid iOS distribution and development certificate which you generated in your developer account earlier

Move the app to the Apple store :

  • Before Archiving, set the Target to Generic iOS Device

  • In the Xcode menu, go to Product > Archive and archive your app for release.

Submitting the app to the App Store :

  • Generating the archive will build a version of the app which is ready for distribution in the app stores.

  • After the archive has been created, the Xcode Organizer modal gets opened.

  • Pick the last build and click on the “Validate” button to validate App publishing process.

  • Once it is successfully validated.

  • Then, you are able to see the “Upload to App Store” button, just click on the same to submit your app.

  • After successfully upload your app is listed in iTunes Connect. From there one can enable the TestFlight for the beta testing version.

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