iOS Configuration


iOS push notifications are significantly more complicated to set up than Android. You must have a paid Apple Developer account and take care of the following items prior to being able to test push notifications with your iOS application:

  1. Setup the proper Development or Production certificates & provisioning profiles for your iOS application in the Apple Developer Portal

  2. Create an APNS certificate or key for either Development or Production in the Apple Developer Portal

  3. Have a physical iOS device as per the guidelines in the Environment Setup documentation.

Integrating Firebase with the iOS app

Open your firebase project console, click the gear icon in the upper left corner, and select Project setting

At the top, click on the iOS icon to add a new iOS application.

Add the GoogleService-Info.plist file to your iOS app

Note: This is not the same file used for your Android app.

  • Download the GoogleService-Info.plist provided to your local machine.

  • You’ll then want to open Xcode

  • and move the .plist file into your Xcode project as instructed by Firebase, ensuring to add it to all targets.

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