Basic Features

Bookstore WooCommerce is the Full Flutter Application to connect to your existing WooCommerce website.

  • Sync Unlimited Products

  • Ready to Use

  • UI Layout Free Install & Setup

  • Dynamic Dashboard

  • High Performance

Woocommerce app delivers high quality, bug-free by strictly following the development process. This app saves you an immense amount of time and development costs and updates.


Native Apps :

Build native iOS, Android mobile app from single codebase

Social Login:

Social Login is a single sign-on for end users. Using existing login information from a social network provider like Facebook & Google, the user can sign in to the book store app instead of creating a new account. This simplifies registrations and logins for end users.

SMS Login:

Allows users to verify their identities with a code that is sent to them via text message Smooth login via SMS with just a few steps by using phone number

Push Notification :

Admin can easily send the offer details to the customers via the Firebase push notification, once the notification is triggered customer will get the offer details.

Shipping :

The Bookstore app supports the default woo commerce shipping methods, also calculates the shipping charge based on the minimum amount. No need to do any additional work in coding.

Multi payments :

The main purpose of a payment gateway is to process transactions for your business of any kind. To make this happen, multiple payment gateways can be the best option. It provides you with extended pay-ability and a high level of perceived professionalism, trust and legitimacy. All these attributes of multiple gateways are sure to make a convenient shopping experience.

Multi-Product types:

The app supports Simple, variable, and Flex Variable product types only. The configurable and downloadable products are not available with the mobile app.

Fully Customizable :

You can change the branding including store colors, logo, custom screen layout, custom menu, custom app bar, and more. The app is built using the Flutter framework and works beautifully with your woocommerce website.

App Store and Store Listening :

In particular, we can help you to publish your Book store mobile app in Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store at no extra cost. Now, it’s easy to publish in your own App Store & Play store account.

Quick, Smooth Checkout :

Let the customer view the product, add it to the cart & checkout. Easily choose payment options and make the payment. And Done! It’s fast and simple.

Order History:

The app comes with complete order history. Customers can view the entire history and the order details.

Dynamic UI:

Dynamic UI Change is aimed to update Banner and Category List without code push in the app store and play store.

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